Compact rotary flow wrapping machine with the touch panel


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  • Memory 30
  • Film tension adjustable handle
  • M type heater
  • AC servo motor
  • Compact
  • End sealer Rotary
  • Easy operation


Compact size
This is the most compact machine with servo motors in this size in our flow wrapping machines. In addition, Max. wrapping speed is 120RPM when the product push conveyor is installed.
Easy operation
The simple icons on the clear touch panel enable you to use the screen easily.
Conveyor type
You can choose flat belt conveyor or product push conveyor depending on the wrapping items.
PACS (Option)
“Item position in the film bag is detected by sensors. When they judge its position as misplaced, only the end sealer stops running temporarily and items are carried to the outside of the machine with a long film bag. It prevents from cutting and damaging the items.”


  • Japanese confectionery
  • Western confectionery
  • Fish paste
  • Finger food

*The above animation is for illustrative purposes only. The animation’s motion is different from the actual motion.
* The above descriptions are just examples of the items which have been wrapped by our flow wrapping machines. As we can customize the machine to meet your demand, please do not hesitate to contact us.


*”PACS” and “PAMS” are patented.


Dimensions L:2525 W:684 H:1516(mm)
Wrapping speed 10〜120RPM
Wrapping speed (FL conveyor) 60RPM
Max. film feed speed 26(m/min)
Max. film width 350(mm)
Max. film dia. 300(mm)
Max item height 60(mm)
Max item width 160(mm)
Film cut length 80〜500(mm)
Power consumption 3 phase 2.8 (KVA)
Machine weight 380(Kg)

*These descriptions may vary depending on the shape, dimensions and ingredients of the wrapping items, and the properties of using films. Please note that specifications may be changed without prior notice.


If you have any questions,
please do not hesitate to contact us.