POLYSTAR’s original technology

helps increase your work efficiency and expand your business.

We strongly believe that our original technology -PAMS, PACS and PEPS – exceeds above your requirements.

PAMSAuto measure system

PAMSPolystar Auto Measure SystemPATENTED

This function automatically measures the length of vegetables with varying lengths and wraps them at the optimal length of each vegetable. PAMS helps reduce the amount of using film and increases your work efficiency. PAMS is patented.
PAMS is patented.

  • “No need to change setting on each item wrapping. * This function is available only when you use the film without eye marks.”
  • All you have to put items on the conveyor is OK.
  • When the machine has PAMS function, you can switch NORMAL mode (fixed length cut pitch) and PAMS mode. In addition, item data can be recorded up to 100 kinds of data.
  • PAMS helps reduce the amount of using film.
  • PAMS is the best possible solution to wrap vegetables and bread with different length.

The machines without PAMS are not adopted below notes.
* Printers cannot be used with this function at the same time.
* PACS cannot be used with this function at the same time.
* Wrapping speed is calculated by film feed speed, so it varies depending on the item length.
*Item length is measured by item detection sensors. When items are not detected by the sensors, PAMS cannot be used.

PACSPACS Polystar Automatic Cut-through System

PACSPolystar Automatic Cut-through SystemPATENTED

Polystar Automatic Cut-through System “PACS”
“PACS (Polystar Automatic Cut-through System) Item position in the film bag is detected by sensors. When they judge its position as misplaced, only the end sealer stops running temporarily and items are carried to the outside of the machine with a long film bag. It prevents from cutting and damaging the items.”
PACS is patented.

PEPSEmpty bags prevention system

PEPSPolystar Emptybag Prevention System

Polystar Emptybag Prevention System “PEPS”
“This function is only available when you use the finger type in-feed conveyor. When the items are not carried to the main body from the in-feed conveyor, the wrapping machine stops running and you do not need to concern empty bags even if only the fingers run.”


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